Monday, 10 October 2011

Shopping, swimming and Downtown Disney.

Before I begin tonight's blog I will apologise for any spelling mistakes, sentences that make no sense and the fact that I may fall asleep on the keyboard any minute now.

Today I shopped and shopped and shopped.
I left here at 9:30am and returned at 3pm.
I have swollen blistered feet but I only returned because I couldn't possibly carry any more bags.


But you have to look at the sales and clearance items for the day/week.

I have come home with 8 items of clothing and 3 pairs of shoes. All from Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, H&M, off Broadway shoes and Levi's.
I spent $300 on clothes and shoes that I would pay at least 3 times more for at home. I wait till Las Vegas to shop some more.

The kids had a fantastic time with Scott swimming in one of the hotel pools and just having a "down" day.

Tonight we all went to my first special "booking".
Unfortunately it did not turn out as I had planned.
The Rainforest Cafe may be beautiful and fascinating but I did not realise what was on the inside.
Fire couldrons at the entrance, a massive snake head coming down from the roof, waterfalls everywhere, loud animal noises and finally THUNDER.
Anyone that knows Amelia will understand her hysteria.
She was petrified.
She was screaming at me to leave.
So my dad (beautiful poppy) took her on an adventure around Downtown Disney while we had a meal there.
When we came out she was giggling about how much fun they both had.
Tom and I loved it anyway (I think Scott, Nana and Stuart could have skipped it!).

So as I go to bed....exhausted I post 2 photo's from today.
We have a special breakfast at 8:30am in the morning.
Hopefully it is calmer than tonight.


Me getting home.

Tom at the Rainforest Cafe

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