Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Big Kid Day !!!!

Today as we got ready for our first "character breakfast" I told Scott to go back to sleep.
My "me" day was yesterday and Scott was running himself into the ground so I told him to stay home and sleep.

So the kids and I began with breakfast at Paradise Pier Hotel called "Surf's Up with Mickey".
It was awesome.
There was a man singing and dancing with characters every 20 mins and then those characters would walk around the room meeting the diners.
Amelia and Tom had their "autograph books" from disneyland and we took numerous photo's.

Then we took the 15 minute walk across to Disneyland.
We were SOOOOOOO much more relaxed there today.
We just wandered and looked.
Today was a public holiday here so it was extremely busy so we just named rides we want to do before Saturday.
We managed to get into "pixie hollow" and meet Tinkerbell and go on a beautiful train ride.

Then Ann met us at the entrance and took us to a Disney Warehouse Factory Outlet I wanted to look at. Unfortunately not as good as I believed.

Now we are resting before we witness a "NIGHT PARADE" at Disneyland.
Then Amelia, Scott, mum and dad will come home.
Tom, Stuart and I plan to stay for the fireworks and some rides.

Tomorrow we have a breakfast with Minnie and friends and dinner at Goofy's Kitchen.

Exhausted just reading ???!!!!!

I asked Scott how his day was and he said "awesome".
I think he is definately rejuvenated !!!!!

Now for the many photo's of today (in no order!).


Amelia LOVING the famour teacup ride

A famous American "school bus".

A car that I thought looked so "mexican" in a parking lot. Hanging on the rear vision mirrow is an American flag and Christ Cross.

Braekfast Time !!!

Pluto !!!!

Minnie !!!

Daisy !!!!!

Stich !!!!!!

Tom had his face painted at Disneyland.....

Tinkerbell !!!

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