Sunday, 11 March 2012

August 4th 2012

Amelia's Project has begun for 2012.

It is like a "well oiled" machine has begun running again.

Last year at our very first meeting, approximately 45 people came.
I sat up the back nervously shaking and listened while "The Power Machine"
(Jemimah) began the conversation of fundraising and helping US.

That night they set a goal amount of $20,000 to raise during the year.
That money would send us to Disneyland.

I can remember being both extremely humbled by the support and incredibly guilty they were dedicating so much time to US.
This constant guilt took 6 months to subside.
Every time we have a meeting it appears again.

There were so many Amelia's Project events last year.
It was very overwhelming.
Sausage sizzles, Cup cake stall, MacDonalds Night, Amelia's Project tins, random cash donations and the biggest fundraiser I have ever attended "The Amelia Night".

Donations for this night mainly came from friends, families and local businesses.
Forget the BIG corporations, almost everything came from those around us.

It was relaxed, fun and social.
It was a celebration of life
It was a room full of love and kindness.
230 people were there.
We made sure the "negative, sad and informative" was done at the beginning and finished with a fun, inspiring speech to "make your life amazing".

Then the auctions and raffles began.
So did the alcohol and socialising.........

Five hours later an announcement was made that we had made OVER $50,000.
You could have heard a pin drop in the silence.
Seconds later there was a ROAR of happiness, surprise and excitement.

We were going to Disneyland.
We took our little girl to see "the most magical place on earth" and it definately lived up to that.

This year the goal is money for an electric wheelchair, car and car conversion.
Our quote so far is $37,000 + $37,000.
We are obviously trying to research every option available.

The BIG thing for this year......???
The Amelia Night !!!!

Frankston RSL have kindly offered to have us again.
Darren Eichenberger has also kindly offered to MC again.
Tickets will be $60 each which includes 3 courses, DJ and a dance floor.
It will be on Saturday 4th August at approximately 6:30pm.

I have begun my search for donations.
Amelia's Project Committee are beating me in the amount collected.
If you can please feed my competitive nature and let me know if you can help me with ANY KIND of donation (big or small) please let me know!

We have a master copy of our donation letter so please email to request one, if you can assist in me WINNING the amount collected !!!
Vouchers, gift cards, products of any kind, homemade items, memorabilia, holiday accomodation, furniture, alcohol, a new car (ok, we probably will not get that!!!!!)  ANYTHING !

This year we will be selling 200 tickets.
People are already talking tables and single tickets.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start getting yourself (and whoever else) organised.
Due to the overwhelming demand, the tickets will go on sale on
TUESDAY 1st MAY at 10am.
Contact details for ordering tickets will be publicised soon.
I do want anyone to miss out.

Finally I want like to file a complaint.
The committee said we need a DJ for entertainment.
I thought I was the entertainment last year with my alcohol consumption ???!!!!
Very offended girls ......... !!!!


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