Thursday, 8 March 2012

An encounter of the unusual kind......

Two entries in the last 24 hours.
I am on a roll !!!

But something happened this morning that I really have to tell you about.

Amelia and I went to the shops after dropping Tom at school.
Amelia will be attempting going to mainstream school after recess on a Thursday as well as all day Fridays.
Her new teacher has "struck a chord" with Amelia by getting the children to do "projects".
Amelia LOVES projects and was eager to try and attend today.

Anyway back to my story.......

We went to our local shopping centre.
Amelia is loving saving up her money and buying "things" that she has liked in our "browse the shops" days.
She was desperate to get a Moshi Monster bracelet she really liked.

After we had finished talking to our friend, Meredith, a man hand signaled us to come over.
Having no idea what he wanted, I went over cautiously.

He was elderly and appeared restless.

"Are you ok?" I asked.
He leaned into me after staring at Amelia for what seemed an eternity and said
"What is wrong with her?".
He was European and had a very strong accent.
"Ataxia Telangiectasia or A-T" I answered.
He kept staring at her and appeared to become even more restless.

Then he started crying.

I didn't know what to do and realised Amelia was right there with us so I said
"She is ok Sir. She is very happy. She will be fine".

"Can I please do something with her" he asked......pleading.

"Ok" I said wondering where the hell this was going.

He handed me his bags and placed his hands within inches of the side of her head.
He starts humming words I do not understand.
Amelia stares at him in wonder.
He moves his hands from the top and bottom of her head and to the sides constantly while reciting these unknown words.

By this stage he is sobbing.

After approximately 60 seconds he stops.
Says "she will always have an angel with her now"
grabs his bag and walks away.

Did he know?
Did he know just from looking at her?
Did he feel something when his hands were close, the fact he got so upset?

I do not know but the feeling I had after he left was unbelievable.
It was calming.
It was surreal.

She was just so happy to take an angel to school with her !!


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