Sunday, 25 March 2012

Damaged Goods

I do not know if now is the best time to be writing.
I do not want to talk to anyone.
I do not want to see anyone.

I feel like I have gone "full circle" back to when Amelia was first diagnosed.

I am at a "crossroad" again.
Positive and negative thinking.

The past week could be almost compared to the week we spent in hospital in December 2010.

The tears, the worry, the waiting and the pain.

The discussions, the observations and the advice.

It is no one's fault.
It is the disease.

My positive thinking has taken a battering.
My hopes for the future have received a realistic blow.

The preparation for the immediate future is now right in front of us.

No more enjoying the good times because the bad times are

I am really struggling to comprehend what is happening to Amelia right now.


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