Thursday, 22 March 2012

A-T Clinic Day 2

Do me a MASSIVE favour.
Stop stressing about what you subject your children to on a daily basis.
Today makes me realise that "petty whinging" is nothing compared to what Amelia had to conquer today.

Amelia was booked to have a general anesthetic at 1:45pm.
It did not happen till 3:30pm.

She had not eaten since 7:20am.
She had not had a drink since 12pm.

But.....the anxiety.
"I am scared" she kept saying.

"Of course you are scared" I kept saying.

There was a lot of crying from Amelia........and me.
We were even give a WHOLE box of tissues.

I found my self questioning putting our baby through this.........for research.
The level of why we NEEDED to do it compared to the psychological affect on Amelia was equal.
I am still deciding whether today was worth it.

Leila (3 years old) seemed to be the only thing that made us smile occasionally.
She kept stroking Amelia's arm and kissing her.....asking her to "feel better".

In the end I said to Amelia "lets feed off Leila. She is happy and getting the same thing done so lets remember that she is ok with it".
I knew that Leila would not understand what was about to happen but Amelia did not know that.

"Why are you crying mummy?" Amelia asked.
"Because you are sweety. When you cry, I cry" I answered.

So she stopped.

And right up until she fell asleep with the anesthetic gas she was soooooo BRAVE.

I went and ate at 4pm (I fasted with Amelia) and then the "ward" called me.
They needed a skin sample from me and Leila's parents in 10 minutes.
Then I had to delay that......
Recovery called.
"Amelia wants her mummy".

So I went and once again questioned giving consent.

She was sad.
She needed cuddles.
She felt "YUK".

Once she began feeling better I needed to go and get some of my skin "CUT" out.

STAGE 2 : Biggest sook EVER !!
I almost fainted.
I almost vomited.

I was escorted back to a chair.
I have 2 stitches (sympathy welcome).

During this whole clinic, Jodi Hillis has been a saviour.
Our angel helping us.

But Amelia........and Leila.

I have no words.

Maybe their blood tests, skin and nasal samples will assist research.

Two beautiful, gorgeous little girls.

Such a traumatic day.

Fingers crossed that we find a cure.

Please feel free to read this to your children.
It may give them some perspective.


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