Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Definately NO sarcasm.......

I have decided that I am a science experiment.

I am doing this for ALL humans.

In the past 12 months I have gained a massive amount of weight.
The effect on my life is worth documenting.

I lack energy and have trouble sleeping.
I snore (well so Scott says but he has no evidence to show me!).
I think exercise is an illness and is for people who are crazy.

My life is centred around emotional eating.

I LOVE EATING.......and I am very emotional, so it is perfect.

As part of the experiment I think scientists would be amazed with the amount of cellulite I have been able to create.

Next month is my 20 year High School Reunion.
(Yes I am old).

My goal after having children was to get myself back to a size 12 for the reunion.

NOT going to happen.

Amelia's diagnosis has made "my weight" seem so not important anymore.
To force myself into a diet and exercise program is pushing me towards failure at the moment.

So, I have decided I will tell my old school friends in 3 weeks time that I during a favor for everyone in society.

I am testing emotional eating to the full extent.

Now to go and find an outfit to cover up all this fat...........


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