Friday, 20 April 2012

Project Manager

At the moment I feel like a project manager.
There are many projects on the go around me and I am trying my best to handle them all.

Lindsey (our OT from Scope) and Martin (Anglicare) are currently handling one major project beautifully.
Today handrails were installed at the two back doors.
Our health carers will be returning to also put one at the front door and beside the toilet.
Soon ramps will be installed at all entry/exits of the house.
ALL fully funded.
They are also enquiring about bath seats.
At the moment I lift Amelia into the bath (all 48 kg of her - she is pure muscle and doughnuts).
So hopefully we will find something to assist us soon.

The electric wheelchair was chosen yesterday - TICK !!
(When it arrives we will have to look at moving a lot of furniture if she needs to use it at home).
Quote due to arrive any minute.
But it will be more expensive than the price of a small brand new car.

New car, almost decided.
The $41,000 Kia Grand Carnival or $46,000 one.
(we get a fleet price because it is going to be converted).
We will also get stamp duty back on it.

Car conversion.
Decided on Auto Mobility.
Quote due to arrive any minute.

Special school / Mainstream school hours decided.
Spoke to mainstream today about Amelia bringing her manual wheelchair each time and eating little bits more often......for energy.

Communication device needs to be chosen.
The Government fund $7000 towards it.
I am actually having to choose between one that is for communication only and one that is also a computer with wifi and bluetooth (the control on Amelia's motorised wheelchair would control the device OR she can use the touchscreen).
This would be mounted onto her new chair

McDonalds Night on May 22nd.

The Amelia Night on August 4th.

Making DVD'S about Amelia for the August night and to be circulated on the internet.

Am wondering if Amelia may need to do a "sleep study".
The quiet snoring and holding breath may need to be checked.

And Tom.
Yes I have another child who needs my time and attention too.

And my husband.
Happy Birthday for Sunday honey.

So after my previous blog, I have decided to "up the anti" so to speak.

This is from my shopping today.
I am very much looking forward to consuming it to help me continue as Project Manager.
(no scientists have responded to my "expressions of interest" yet).

Finally, I uploaded a video to our facebook page yesterday of Amelia driving an electric wheelchair.
A lot occurs on that page that does not get shown here.
If you are interested please join.


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