Monday, 23 April 2012

Lessons in life

Sometimes I will write a blog that no one has any idea why.
A blog about something or someone that I feel has been a "lesson" to me in life.

Every person in this world is on their own "journey".
Their personality, choices and impression to others is their own.

As a person who likes to analyse, reflect and learn I regularly admit to mistakes.

While travelling on my journey I am concious of the person I would like to be.
The choices that I make reflect who I am.

On Friday night I made a choice that I am not proud of.
Actually I am ashamed of.

An extremely popular and well loved teacher at the school had a bad accident on the holidays.
The school were asked not to reveal all the details.

I did.

After talking to this wonderful man last week I decided he needed positive messages to help him get through his long recovery ahead.

I didn't just tell 1 person, I set up a group on FB.

It circulated like "wild fire".

The messages were beautiful about a man who inspires and treats everyone with great respect.

But it also created some distress and grief for many.

My disregard for what he and his family may think of this page is inappropriate.
What may have begun as innocent support should have been thought about more.

After a weekend of nausea and shaking I will take this lesson and learn greatly from it.

I have always listened to people and supported them through their hardships.
I feel like my "character" has a great big dent in it now.

As much as we all adore this man and the way he makes all of our children feel so very special and loved..........It was never my choice to tell.

Get better soon Mr Barnes.
We look forward to seeing you back at school very soon.

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