Monday, 9 April 2012

Glencromie Easter 2012

On the weekend we joined our friends in spending Easter at Glencromie caravan park in Drouin.

Scott and I are not "happy campers" at all so we booked one of the cabins onsite.

Above is a photo of the view from one side of our balcony.

 Both of the kids settled in very quickly.
Mummy and daddy took a little longer.

 Directly outside our cabin.

 Tom and his new best friend "little liv".
Danced all night together at the disco together on Saturday night.

Amelia's helper in the Easter egg hunt.
Chris's MISSION : bowl the other children over so Amelia can get the eggs !!!!

Little Liv and Tom had no trouble.
They were a team and did very well !!!!

Tom had an amazing time away.
He took his bike, football and made many friends.
Sometimes we would not see him for hours and then he would ride past on his bike madly waving and yelling out to us.

His smile melted my heart.

We do not live with this level of activity and freedom.
We can't.
There are many reasons for this.

The stress of preparing can be all consuming.
I am proud of myself that I did not forget ANYTHING this trip !!
I will be throwing out a lot of pre-prepared meals though.
It is easier to avoid it and stay at home.

Comfort Zone.
Scott and I are slowly getting used to leaving our safe environment.
A place where we are most comfortable and relaxed.

And finally, Amelia.

She did extremely well ......... and didn't.
She has returned with lots of cuts, bruises, aches and pains.
BUT she had stairs to climb to the cabin (something she needed Scott or I to help her with) and her ability to walk anywhere was at an all time low this weekend.

She socialised, went for many walks (in her wheelchair) and smiled a lot.
She made many friends (animals and humans) and has learnt that she loves a campfire.

Since we have returned she has no energy, struggles to talk and is too tired to chew her food.

Scott and I found ourselves struggling to watch Amelia.
Watching other children off playing for hours and your own child forced to do "other" things.
We tried, we really tried to involve her more in everything, but with 6am rise times (thanks Tom) and trying to find some "rest" time, it was difficult.
Our camping buddies did a wonderful job in helping us help Amelia.
But there are only so many walks a person can do.....

Amelia insisted on hiring the tandem bike.
She loved riding around the campsite.
The seat and pedals were perfect for her.
But as much as it was wonderful to see, the aching pain in her body now is difficult to watch.

I suppose in summary this weekend was one of mix emotions.

A child able to run free.
A child needing assistance with everything from sipping a drink to participating in anything.
two parents trying to rest and socialise while creating happy memories with their children.

We DID have a fantasitc weekend 
we do need to learn how to not be ON when out with Amelia.
We NEED to learn how to relax and have fun a lot more.
We NEED to learn how to NOT dwell on all the negatives of what is happening to Amelia.
It is what it is and sometimes you need to move on........

I would highly recommend Glencromie Caravan Park to anyone.


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