Friday, 13 April 2012

McDonalds Night - May 22nd

Absolutely NO PRESSURE to attend either this McDonalds night OR The Project Night on August 4th.

But I promise if you do ............ you will be humbled by how many beautiful and kind people choose to support Amelia.

And I guess you would be one of those people too.

Tickets for August 4th are not going on sale on May 1st anymore.
At McDonalds there will be an eftpos machine and table plan for you to book your seats.
You will also walk away with "formal" tickets in your hand.
With only 200 tickets for sale, they will go quickly.
(Amelia's Project Committee is likely to take 100 of those but has to wait till May 22nd 5:30pm........just like everyone else!!!).

More raffle tickets for the McDonalds night have been printed with 10 prizes available.
Message if you would like some sent to you.

Finally donations for Amelia's Project night are greatly appreciated.
Please message the email address mentioned above if you can assist in anyway.

Scott and I have to purchase the new car in the next few weeks to get the prepartion for conversion (lots of paperwork) happening.
We will also be choosing a motorised wheelchair next week.
Unfortunately this will be a 6 month process thanks to the government subsidy program.

Right now Amelia needs her independence back.




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    1. Thank you so much Jacob.
      I appreciate you taking the time to write.
      What part of the world are you from ?