Monday, 14 May 2012

Business STUFF

Two fundraisers this year for Amelia's Project.
One is 8 days away.

The McDonalds night last year was the first real sign to any of us how big Amelia's Project had become.
I am so grateful to see so many people sharing the details with their friends and family.

To have all these amazing people in one room is extremely humbling.
To know that they are all there for OUR daughter .......... well you cannot describe the feeling.

120 Raffle Ticket books are currently out there circulating.
Kellie Sherry has done an awesome job organising the raffle.
Michelle Clark has organised the entire night. Literally.
And if my cousin, Belinda Plunket, promotes our two fundraisers any more I think her FB account may melt !!

Next Tuesday 22nd May.
McDonalds Karingal.
In store 5:30pm-7:30pm.
Tell your friends (Belinda you do not have to tell any more!).

And make sure all the raffle ticket books are back.

A delayed thank you.
A family friend read a blog on here a while ago about my concern with our ancient glass in our windows.
If Amelia was to fall through it, the danger of jagged glass ........... well it would be extremely dangerous.
This beautiful couple, (Ron and Chris Church), organised for "STEGBAR Glass" to supply safety glass on our main windows.
Two very kind men from "SPK Glass and Aluminium" in Braeside were then booked to install the glass "free of charge".
For this we are extremely grateful.

It has come to my attention (at the reunion) that I have not spoken about Amelia much lately.
By talking about the sudden need to order a electric wheelchair, new car, car conversion, ramps, handrails around the house, safety glass etc etc etc etc...........

Things are happening fast.

I stay positive and focus on happy things around me.
I will write a descriptive blog in the next few days.
But I will have difficulty writing it without getting upset and also sounding depressing from your end.

But I understand that you want to hear about her day to day life and maybe decline..........

The other fundraiser for the year is The Amelia Night on August 4th.
I cannot possibly express enough gratitude to all the individuals who have organised donations.
Tickets go on sale next week at Mc Donalds.
Tables of 10 or individual tickets are available.
$60 per person.
Payment by cash OR eftpos (which INCLUDES credit card).

But we do need more donations.

Belinda is sending out hundreds of letters weekly to companies all over Australia.
But it is always the local businesses, friends and families that do not hesitate.

If you know someone, anyone in a business, anywhere (I think that covers all bases!) and think that they may be able to help, please let Amelia's Project know.
Or me.

We really need some assistance here.


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