Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mothers Day ..... Very hungover.

Last year I remember writing a blog about Mothers Day.
I said that I did not need a "special day" to feel appreciated.
My opinion has not changed 12 months later but having no option but to relax today, due to a rather large hangover, I loved spending a peaceful, loving day with my family.

Yesterday I attended my 20 year High School reunion.
I was hoping it would be a good day and am very happy to say it was an AWESOME day !!!

It began innocent enough.
A beautiful friend came and styled my hair.
Scott and the kids drove Shell and I to the school.
Lots of faces, names and conversation.
Photo's to look at and lunch being served.

The Principal told us that they have never had so many people reply to a 20 year reunion.
I credit facebook for that.
And maybe Amelia's Project a little bit.

I enjoyed my "tour" of the school UNTIL someone asked me "when are you due?".
Stupidly I asked her to repeat the question.
Some of you may remember my blog recently about "emotional eating" and my science experiment.
I did not have time to explain about the scientists lining up to study my sacrifice for people all over the world.
I was trying to work out whether I should laugh or cry !!!

About 50 people attended the lunch.
About 30 people attended the pub.

The pub is where the real fun started.

Everyone relaxed, had a drink and discussed the last 20 years as well as the present.

A lot of laughs, smiles and time to be "just ourselves".

One of the gorgeous girls asked us back to her house where the fun continued.
So hospitable to have so many of us arrive on her family.

Midday to Midnight.
Longest reunion ever.

Today I enjoyed family time like I do everyday.
But Amelia and Tom's excitement to give me their "Mothers day stall" presents is a memory I will keep forever.
So is yesterday.


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