Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Today we added another member to the family.

For Amelia and Tom's birthdays (June 4th and 19th) Pa, Nana, Poppy, Great grandad Eric and Scott and I purchased the most adorable puppy.

After falling in love with it yesterday, I begged and pleaded that the children would love it.

They were going to get junk anyway that will never be played with so why not have something that is a constant companion.

I grew up with animals constantly in our house.
Cats, dogs, terripins and fish.
The cats and dogs became my best friends, cuddle toys at night and something that just with a pat down the back was an instant calmative.
The first cat mum and dad bought was 12 months before I was born.
I have extremely loving memories of Siam(cat), Tinkerbell(cat), Candy(dog), Tammy(dog), Sam(dog), Casey (cat) and Jordan (cat).
So as you can see my whole childhood always consisted of at least 2 cats and 1 dog.

I loved it.
So I want my children to be surrounded with animals too.
Animals do not argue, hurt your feelings or upset you.
They give you affection, loyalty and endless love and trust.
Animals teach children to be gentle, caring and kind.
They teach children responsibility and looking after someone who cannot look after themselves.

Family pets never let you feel lonely.

We have chosen a breed that we have never heard of before.
A cross between a Golden Retriever and a standard poodle.
Their name used to be Golden doodles.
Thank goodness they changed that name.
Could just see Tom going to school today and telling his teacher he has a Golden doodle !!!

After looking for a suitable pet for 7 months I think we may have finally found it.
I found 2 websites in Australia and the UK that described them as the new animal for people with disabilities.
They are described as highly intelligent,active and playful, do not shed hair and a very gentle nature.
Active for Tom, gentle for Amelia.
They can be trained as well if not better than my favorite breed, the Labrador.

It is an extra workload...........but it is a good one and a distraction.
While the kids are at school I will have a companion.
I will also have to walk HER daily so I may be able to lose some of my "donut fat".

Choosing which puppy from the litter was easy.
No arguments.
Scott, Amelia and Tom instantly fell in love with the lighter golden one.
I wanted one of the tan coloured pups (there were 4 tan).
Majority rules, so I lost.
I didn't mind at the time and still don't.
They were all gorgeous.
Amelia chose the bed and each child chose a toy.
Tom gets to choose the colar and lead.

The name was difficult.
We were able to convince Tom that "mojo" was not going to win.
I was reading out names and Amelia jumped at HONEY.
Tom was not going to agree.
Now he wanted Goldie.
But with Scott, Amelia and I liking HONEY we needed Tom to agree.
No majority rules here.
If  we cannot get Tom to agree then there will be the biggest tantrum and we will never hear the end of it.

Our solution ?
I asked Scott loudly "Didn't there used to be a Melbourne Football player with the surname Honey?".
There is no "honey" player but that doesn't matter does it ?
(smack back of hand BAD MOTHER).

Photo's will have to come later because my computer will not let me upload them right now.


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