Sunday, 27 May 2012

Awesome, awesome and awesome.

Very Interesting.
The hompage on this blog has changed since I was last on here.
There is now a very bold section telling me how many comments I have received since I began writing.

Comments ?
I did not know anyone had written comments !!!

I have just had the pleasure of reading messages from total strangers about specific blog entries.

Thank you.
I apologise for not replying but I have never been made aware of them until tonight !!

I have been very fortunate to regularly read comments on Facebook (where I "share" my entries on Amelia's Project page), inbox messages and text messages.

They remind me that I am not going crazy.
While I have always been an emotional person, I have been very careful to make sure I stay "sane" and "in control" during our unique situation.
By writing my thoughts and feelings, there is a chance that anyone following my entries may at times feel I am losing the plot.
But by writing it down it is like "cleansing" my mind.

I will now move on to my original thoughts for tonight.........

Awesome weekend.
- Tom's basketball game.
After watching him repeatedly tackle children while on the court I have told Scott we may have to explain the difference between Basketball and Football.
- Speech Therapy for Amelia.
This week we discussed Amelia's struggle to be understood.
The energy put into talking and then people asking her to repeat it because they cannot understand.
The failed efforts to participate in conversation and people not acknowledging that Amelia would like to say something.
Very difficult discussion to have because Amelia got upset about it, but one that was needed to address the issue and put "plans into place" for the future.
- Aromatherapy Party at a beautiful friend's house.
I am falling in love with the wonder of "smell" and how it can change the mood in a room full of people, help me sleep and even assist me to feel energised for the day ahead.
Amelia insisted on coming with me because she is experiencing separation anxiety quite strongly when away from me.
She was happy when she has taken into the child's bedroom at this gorgeous home and there were mermaids and One Direction on the walls !!!
- Birthday Party.
Amelia attended her first party with children from her special school class.
It was wonderful for her to see the children out of the classroom environment and I was grateful to finally meet the wonderful parents of these children.
Thank you Ryan for asking Amelia.

Above is everything we did during the day on Saturday.
To say Amelia was exhausted is an understatement !

Now onto Saturday night...........
- Trivia Night for our local Rotary Club.
They donated money to Amelia's mainstream school last year so that they could by an E book for all the special needs children to share.
I thought it approapriate that I support them in their fundraising efforts.
(The fact I still owe them money for the ticket is irrelevent !!).

And finally I finished the evening off with the Baxter mum's.
This group of mum's have been friends since our children all started school together.
Amelia has since left that school but I am very lucky to still have the friendships. and pictionary.
I have never played that game before and I am sure it will never be AS funny again BUT byt the time I came home my chest, my ribs and my face were aching from the laughter.
We were laughing till we were crying.
Despite having so much on that day and being soooo tired I am so glad I went.

I do not think I will ever live down the moment when "wind" escaped my body very loudly.
Yes people, I farted.
But the laughter and tears that occured for the next 30 minutes were something I have not experienced in a long time.
It is also good to know that even women of our age can laugh hysterically at a fart noise !!!!

And finally today.
A wonderfully, beautiful lazy day.
Tom watched footy.
Amelia tried her best to build with lego.
Scott slept and I sat in front of our fire.

The peace was broken when Tom remembered that I SAID (his words) he could go to the neighbours on Sunday and sell the school fundraising chocolates.
I was trying to get out of it and convince him to postpone it until he showed me these pieces of paper in his hand.
He had written receipts.
Little pieces of paper with $ signs and random letters and numbers.
He had 50 of them for 50 chocolates.

Amelia in the wheelchair holding the chocolates and Tom knocking on peoples doors and being an AWESOME salesman.
He sold 50 chocolates in 30 minutes.
Some people were buying 10 at a time.
And yes, he gave everyone his gorgeous receipts.
I am so very, very glad that I went.
I came home so proud of his confidence and ability to communicate to strangers.

Amelia celebrates her 9th birthday in 8 days.
So this week will be spent planning and preparing a special day for an extra special girl.....


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