Thursday, 24 May 2012

1 life

Many, many things have happened around me lately.
Conflict, disagreement and inappropriate behaviour are not welcome in my life.
There is always a way to solve an issue........ sometimes that means walking away.

If you are like me and take "on board" other peoples issues and feel their pain then it can make your own life more difficult.

It probably explains why I end up consoling other people about Amelia's condition on a regular basis.
(that is because when I first tell them they do not know our "approach" on this situation we have been forced into).

After recent discussions, I would like to talk about something I am very passionate about......
(This also applies to anyone sad and unhappy)......

1. YOU come first.
Sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes you need to stand up for yourself.
You need to be reasonable and look at both sides in your decision.

BUT it IS just you in the end.
It IS your life and you need to take steps to make it amazing.

2. Sometimes it is necessary to realise that your immediate family (children and/or partner) are what is the most important.
We ALL feel like protectors of our immediate people and they will always come first.

Friends and extended family come and go BUT your children and partner will always be there.

3. Make a stand.
Make changes to create a "good life".
YOU come first and your family.

I am really, truly happy with everything inside my home.
Everything else can build on that.
Friends, extended family members and materialistic items are added items.

Sometimes it is SO important to think and analyze and maybe make changes.

1 life................. so make it one that YOU love.


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