Sunday, 20 May 2012

Part 2 of reality

Last Friday I spoke of the daily role as a full time carer of Amelia.

I put no "positive spin" or happiness in my description of our routine.

Today I feel it necessary to talk about how wonderful our routine can also be.

Obviously all assistance is done with love and happiness.
It is treated as "normal" in our house.
No one sighs and makes Amelia feel bad.
Tom struggles with the last statement but he has also improved immensely.
He is beginning to learn Amelia's appreciation and smiles makes you feel good.

The conversations, the laughing and the cuddles are constant while going about our daily routine.
The learning about the psychological affect on both children is crucial in this informal environment.
Due to Tom's personality he regularly follows us and participates in conversation.

Now having both children at school, I am able to have not only some "my time" but also time to complete tasks that would take me away from valuable time with both children.

I like to think that I very lucky to be able to talk, laugh and relax with both children.
So what if our mortgage is higher than everyone else's.
So what if we struggle to pay bills and place food on the table.
So what if I have a degree and am unable to earn the extra income for our living expenses.

The time with our kids is so extremely precious.
The memories we are creating and the rapport we have built is so much more important than anything we thought our future contained 10 years ago.

But today I am being selfish and am allowing myself to be sick.
The kids keep jumping on me and giving me cuddles but I will not be firing on all canons.
I have a head cold that has knocked me for six.
A very wise person once taught me that if their is negativity, worry and unrest in your life, the inside of your body can run with it.
It can consume your inner self and make you sick.
With many things happening around me lately I think this may have happened.

Finally a report on Tom's basketball game yesterday.
He is only 5 and is learning the rules and what he needs to do to play.
So far it has been lots of happy jumping and watching the scores.
If he gets the ball he panics and quickly passes it.
I was unable to go yesterday so Scott's face when they returned told me I had missed something.
With a "stone face" Scott told me our happy little man had 2 fouls against him in the game.
Apparently in one of them he sent a child "flying".
When I questioned Tom in disbelief he innocently said "They were in the way of the ball. I wanted to get the ball".
I am sorry, but I have not stopped laughing about it all weekend .........


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