Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Amelia's Project Night PART 2

I would like to begin tonight with a question.......

Why under such stress does Scott lose a massive amount of weight and I put it on ???!!!
So many people said they did not recognise him on Saturday night because of the amount of weight he has lost.
Is there any board of directors that I can possibly file a complaint with and have this matter addressed immediately ???!!!

In all seriousness, thank you to all that attended, donated and helped.

Some comments I have heard over the last few days were.....
"It was even better than last year"
"The atmosphere was so relaxed"
"I loved everything about it"
"Is Darren single?"...... (don't worry Di, I said no!!)

After the final count of money it was discovered we had raised $19,790.45.


The Kia (new car) arrived at the local Mitsubishi dealership last Tuesday from overseas.
It has now been transported to the wheelchair conversion company in the city.
When they have finished with it, Amelia will be able to drive her electric wheelchair straight into the back of it.
It will have a "docking station"and connecting bolt under her wheelchair so that we do not have to strap/seatbelt the chair in every time.

The car will be ready in approximately 4 weeks.

The electric wheelchair has been ordered BUT because the little girl wants "hot pink" it is coming from America.
Estimated arrival time ?
4 weeks.

So I guess everything will be very exciting around here in ....... approx 4 weeks !!!!

There are waaaaay too many people to thank for Saturday night so I will name just a few....
Darren our MC.
Belinda a major organiser of all donations, all 3 DVD's shown on the night, and organisation for smooth running on the night.
Michelle for organising tables, tickets and the RSL.
Peter for donations and the RSL booking.

There are many other people that helped in many other ways.
I will mention them in Part 3 !!!!

I strongly suggest that everyone have a look at the "Friends and Family" dedication DVD on Amelia's Project page on Facebook.
There are photo's of so many of you that have supported us...........


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