Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Me and I

In the last few weeks I have encountered people that I do not normally see.
Whether it is because Tom is at school full time now or lack of contact it is always a pleasure to see these people again.
It is interesting when the first thing they say is
"You haven't written a blog for ages".
Interesting, because I do not realise how much people enjoy hearing about the kids, Amelia's A-T and my "warped" philosophy on life.
Sometimes I get messages asking "Is everything ok?" from all over the world.
People seem to feel a connection with our family and that is very humbling.
I write when I need to.
It can be for a positive reason or a negative.

Because I have taken a break from writing recently there are many things that I can write about.

I will list in point form what I would like to discuss over the coming days before I focus on todays "Topic" !!!

# Amelia - walking, wheelchair, car, attitude, swearing, bad fall and wheelchair party.
# Tom - Traffic lights, behaviour, footy, number and THE chop bone.
# Scott - realisation of everything Amelia and job insecurity.
# Amelia's Project - a few admin changes and plans for the future.

Some interesting discussions to look forward to.
(if it is easier to be emailed a blog once it is written just register to be a member done the right hand side of this blog. Then you do not miss anything !!!!! ).

Todays Topic - Amanda (that is me).

I am going for a job interview today.
To say I am nervous is an understatement.

I have not applied for it, a gorgeous girl from the last 20 year High School Reunion (I have been to 2 this year!) asked me to consider working for her.
I cannot tell you where BUT the business could be considered "famous"in Australia.

I thought about it for 48 hours and thought there is no harm in listening to what they are suggesting.

So now I am incredibly excited ....... and nervous.

I am excited at the thought of not constantly doing washloads, cleaning the house, cooking and packing the dishwasher.
I am excited about actually getting to leave the house and having another role.

I am not looking into it for the money, (even though it would be a godsend), I am considering it for my sanity.

The main obstacle will obviously be Amelia.
Sick days, curriculum days and school holidays would be "non working" days.

If nothing comes of it I am still very excited.
I have discovered that I want more from my "week" and that is something I can continue searching for.

So as I sign off from my "ME" and "I" blog, I say thank you so much for having an interest in our family and supporting us in trying to create an amazing life for not only Amelia, but for everyone.

Now to google the address and find something to wear !!!!!


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