Thursday, 6 September 2012

Massive week

We have the car !!!
I do not know if it is a good thing yet
We have the car !!!!!

The reason for my hesitation is a lot has gone wrong since we left the car conversion place.
Because of the extremely strong winds yesterday, I found myself driving down East Link trying to avoid lots of debri flying across the road.
There was cardboard, metal, polysterene and I am sure I saw a frisbee !
Amelia and I heard sticks colliding with our brand new car and I wondered how the car would look by the time we got home.

Next I went to fill the car up with petrol.
I do not know what happened but the fuel pump did not "cut off"when it was full.
Petrol came flying out of the tank and covered me from head to toe.

Anyone want to light a match ??!!

Finally, taking Amelia to her old mainstream school this morning (so she could show off her new "wheels") and I was unable to unlock Amelia's wheelchair from the "docking station" on the floor.
Thank goodness for the inbuilt DVD player.
30 minutes I tried for until I organised to drive the 1 hour to get her released by the conversion company.

I must say their customer service skills are excellent in handling an angry woman !!

Anyway, I love the car.
The whole family loves the car.
I tell Amelia that she is sitting like a queen on a throne up the back.

When you turn around in the drivers seat you realise how BIG the car is.
Actually the kids and I are already calling it the BUS.
I made them sing "The Wheels on the Bus" on the way to school this morning (until they told me I was annoying them !).

At least I am guarenteed of a good laugh tonight.
Six year old Tom is in the school musical.
Last time we saw him on stage we were crying with laughter as his exhuberant personality shone through.

Lets hope tomorrow is quieter !!!


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