Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Something fun and funny

It is a wonderful pleasure to be able to share this exciting day with all of you.

I remember last year telling people the motorised wheelchair may be up to 5 years away for Amelias diagnosis of Ataxia Telangiectasia.

Due to the nature of this horrible disease, it was only 12 months later.

BUT the excitement leading up to today and the joy on Amelia's face was contagious.

Instead of waiting for someone to assist her in walking or for someone to push her manual wheelchair, she can move around all by herself.

The instructions for the chair were complicated and I found it difficult to remember but "Miss Smarty Pants" remembered it all !!!
As she began changing the speeds, tilting the seat backwards and pointing out items on the small control screen, I was the one saying "How did you do that ?" and ""How can you remember all that ?".

When the final fittings and adjustments were completed it was fantastic to see Amelia enter the playground.
The other children and staff members showed great excitement and interest in Amelia's chair.
She loved it.

As Amelia had fun "driving" around showing all the children her new "wheels", one of her friends approached me and questioned where we had got her "drink holder".
It is a very basic contraption that easily connects to any bar on the chair.
I explained to him that this one came on this chair but the one on her "old" chair was $20 in Mornington.
I explained that I had a spare one at home and I would give it to him when their "bus" brought Amelia home later that day.\

A few minutes later, I experienced this onslaught of wheelchairs driving towards me.
Amelia's friend was in the lead and pointing at me, "Amanda knows where to get drink holders" he was telling them excitedly.
I suddenly experienced a flashback of many years ago when a group of emu's ran at me at a wildlife park (Scott placed me in front of himself for protection, but that is a story for another day).

I had all of these happy, excited faces requesting drink holders for their own wheelchairs !!!!

So the PINK wheelchair is here and the fights have begun of who's turn it is to drive it !

I would like to finish with another story in the day and the life of our family.........

When I was at the reunion on Saturday, Scott took the kids for a fun afternoon at the park.
As he was assisting Amelia back into the car she accidently face planted the dashboard.
She now has a black eye.
Scott was extremely upset when they were telling me about what happened.
To make light of the situation I smiled at Amelia and suggested a story she could tell everyone at school on Monday.
On Monday night Scott asked Amelia what she told people when they asked her about the black eye.
"I told them daddy bashed me into the car" she said smiling.
I gasped and laughed so hard I had to hold onto the bench to stop myself falling to the ground!
I never thought she would actually say it , I was joking !!

Ten minutes later (while Scott was panicking about Human Services taking our daughter off us) Tom asked about the words in the song "We are young" .
He wanted to know "why someone would feel like falling down when the bar is closing. Why would someone need to carry you home".
While Scott chose the safe route of explaining someone may be "tired", I yelled out "it is because they have had too much grown up drink". (Bad move).
"YOU have grown up drink mum" answers MR 6 year old innocent.
(INSERT light bulb moment for Scott)
"Yes Tom" says Scott with great speed " and I would like you to tell your teacher tomorrow that mummy goes to the pub, falls down and has to get carried home !!!!!! ".

Payback is a bitch.

New car tomorrow.


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