Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter 2013

Easter time is a time for family.......for me.

It is the same as Christmas.

Most people know my thoughts on religion and I expect everyone to accept each other for their own beliefs.

I love Easter because there is no work, school or commitments.

We currently have a yucky cold and sore throat running through this house, so I am grateful for the time to recuperate, refresh and time to not stress.

It is wonderful.

Last year we went camping, the year before we spent in front of an open fire.......this year we are enjoying ourselves as a family at home.

On Tuesday I have to have a small operation at the hospital.

It is not major, but is a lump that needs to come out and get tested.
Recovery will be about 7 days.

So this weekend is extra special.

Time to just relax and enjoy each others company.
(and to also get over this virus!).

My recent concerns about "FRIENDS" was obviously unjustified.
Just my silly little mind....... and a reminder that I need to actually organise things for myself.

Thank you to everyone for calling and contacting me recently.
Thank you for the concern over the "lump".

Everything is going to be fine.
I can just feel it.

Have a most wonderful Easter everyone.
Enjoy your family and cherish what you have.
My sincerest love goes out to each one of you.

Now to go find some chocolate........


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