Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Amelia

Thank you to everyone that came to Amelia's party.
Thank you to everyone for such heartfelt messages.
Thank you to everyone for all of Amelia's presents.

The entertainment was awesome !!!!
All of the kids were begging their parents for the same at their birthdays !!!

For the past 10 years (Amelia's whole life) Heather has made Amelia's birthday cakes.
They not only look awesome, the taste it too.

Thank you so much to party planner extrordinaire Michelle Mundy.
The awesome box of disco goodies from Meaghan Potter and Meredith Hill.
And to the many that helped on the day of the party (especially the Cooke family and Lauren Hunter)

                   The Birthday Girl

The 3 musketeers

                                                  My future son in law with Amelia

                                               The best disco idea I think I have EVER seen !!!!!

                                                                       Rock On

                                                                       The cake

                                           Tom helping Amelia with her "welcome signs".

                                                                  My crazy family

                                                              Karaoke Time !!!!

                                                      At the family birthday dinner

Happy Birthday my little Pink Princess.
Looking forward to celebrating many more with you.


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