Friday, 7 June 2013

Some laughs

Hello everyone.

So many things to tell you.
So much to laugh about.

Lets begin with the commercial filming.........

At the end of filming a few weeks ago, the VIP's of what we were advertising for came over to introduce themselves.
I explained to Amelia who they were and that they were in charge of us being there.
Amelia leans over and says "Can I whisper to you?".
I explain "No. That is rude in front of people. What do you want to say?".
She then says in the clearest, loudest voice.......

In future if Amelia needs to "whisper", I will let her whisper!

At Amelia's birthday she was given a present by her soul mate/best friend/boyfriend, Jackson.
It was a beautiful ring.
Amelia's reaction when she opened it?


The day after Amelia's birthday she asked if we could "sort out" her presents.
Seems like a normal thing to do.
The only difference was Amelia had to also have her handbag.
She organised herself with her purse on her lap and her handbag open next to her.
I could not stop laughing as she put any money straight into that purse and any gift vouchers straight into the handbag.
EVERYDAY now she wants to know when we are going shopping !!!

Whenever anyone "passes wind" at the moment, she looks at them with a huge smile, nods her head and saws "good one".

Yep.....this girl is changing!

Lets move on to Tom now........

During the week, I went to check on his Birthday Invitation List.
He has been magnificent in marking off who can and cannot come.
Now Tom is only 6 and still spelling a lot of words by how they "sound".
I seriously lost the plot laughing when I came across this........

Well it is the way it sounds !!!

I am now going to end with something that happened last night.

Amelia had a meltdown.
A major meltdown.

She did not want to have a shower.
But for various reasons she needed one.

Scott started to cave to her request.

Now our house consists of us constantly disciplining Tom.
He HAS to do what we tell him.
Tom needs boundaries.
Give him an inch, he will take a yard !

But our household is also equal and fair.

In the past when Tom has wanted to skip showers he has been made to still have one.
It is needed for hygiene!

Now because of Scott beginning to cave, I stepped in.

I walked over to Amelia and began assisting her to the shower.
She held on to the couch.
I was firm.
She got angry.
She began crying.
She HIT me.

The last time Amelia behaved like this she would have been 3 years old.

She then promptly got a "line" on the discplinary chart.
(Tom has had this chart for a few weeks now. 5 lines and we will not take him to basketball, 10 and he misses out on footy).

Tom starts getting beside himself excited that I need to create a chart for Amelia.
He begins whispering "she needs 3 lines for that!!".

I shower her while she is hysterically crying.
Scott dresses her while she is still crying.
All because she did not want a shower and wants to watch "The block" instead!

We give her nurofen to calm her down and put her straight to bed.

Very draining, upsetting but also ridiculous.
We decide she must just be tired.
Her behaviour is unlike anything we have seen in 7 years !

As I go into Tom's room to kiss him goodnight, I realise that I should probably acknowledge to Tom this situation that he has NEVER witnessed before.

"Must be good to see someone else in this house getting into trouble for once" I say quietly.

His eyes opened wide, a massive smile crosses his face and his says with wonder....
"Oh mum. It was fantastic. And it was really BIG trouble".

Hope I gave you a laugh.
Enjoy your long weekend Australia.


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