Saturday, 8 June 2013

A mind airing

Hello everyone.

This is a post late at night......for me anyway.
But one that I need to have.
I need to clear my mind.
Some may agree, some may not.
That is also the general "gist" of this post.

I have had many conversations with many different people recently.
Some good people and some bad people.

How can you tell the difference?
Many ways.

Your gut tells you first.
The emotion tells you next.
And finally the decision on whether you want to continue with this person in your life.

Amelia, Tom and Scott will be in my life for a very long time.
People that I choose to join us is crucial to the overall happiness of Amelia's short life here and Tom's upbringing to make him the best person he can be.

Recently I was told that I am someone that "people come to".
I agree with that but not in a egotistical kind of way (well I hope not anyway).

Based on what I know and what I have been told, I would like to say something..........

Listen, give advice and support.
Do not give up on that person until it is detrimental to you or your family's well being.

I am surrounded by people with many different mental health issues.
Jeez.......I am sure that I could create my own new diagnosis that no one has ever heard of !!!!!!


You will probably be surprised by how much alike they are to you and I.
They have just been brave enough to admit their thoughts to a medical professional.

I am proud of those around me.

If you need to seek it.
It is not such a bad thing.

Every, single person is so different to the next.
They bring such a diverse personality, ideas and thought process.
It can either extend our own lives positively or destroy it negatively.

The world has changed and all of the chemicals in our brains work so differently between each individual.
Never, ever be ashamed of the person you are.
Everyone can make changes for the better.

Always here.......for anyone.


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