Sunday, 9 June 2013

In this together

Tonight the commercial goes to air.....Australia wide on every channel......apparently.

The excitement generated all around us is contagious, to say the least.

It has made me quite reflective today.
It reminds me of what people following this blog, following the Amelia's Project page and following my own personal page have traveled through with us.

For many it began with the hospital visit.
The day that the diagnosis was given I felt the hundreds of people sitting there in that room with Scott and I.
For some it may have been knowledge absorbed and then a continuation of the daily activities.
For others......well you fell apart like we did.

The anticipation of the release of the Herald-Sun article in January 2011 and the Take 5 article a month later only helped finalise that Amelia had a very rare disease.
There was no treatment or cure.

The emotions you all displayed alongside us was overwhelming.

I was consoling people at the supermarket.

People no longer knew how to approach me and begin a conversation.

The dedication to get me onto the TV show "The Circle" was unbelievable.
It was commented on during the interview how many of you had written to them, asking for me to be on it.

I will never forget leaving that TV studio and turning my phone on.
My phone had the standard "honk" sound for text message.
It honked approximately 160 times.

People told me about setting up televisions in their work tea rooms, rushing home from school drop off and then begging Belinda for a link.

If you were unable to attend our first Amelia's Project Gala Night you sat online waiting for any kind of "report".
You were as astounded as us when Cindy stood up to the microphone at near midnight and said "we just passed $50,000 for the night".

When we left on the trip of a lifetime to Disneyland you eagerly read my daily blogs and saw photos of us at "the happiest place on earth".

You rejoiced in us returning to the most beautiful and adaptable bathrooms for a child with a disability.
You joined us in being forever grateful to Mark, Jen and the large team of "helpers" that created these magnificent rooms for us.

You have cried with us.
You have celebrated with us.
You have put up with my "rants" and at times meltdowns.

Because she is a little girl.
Because she does not have the life comparable to other girls her age, YOU have all helped me to move mountains to make sure that she has the most amazing life.

I think we have all done a wonderful job so far.
The people that have assisted me in making sure Tom lives life normally have made sure it is not just about Amelia.

I have two very happy children.
Two children full of spunk, attitude and who love life.

Tonight I will be sitting and watching House Husbands and waiting for our commercial to come on.
I cannot wait for you all to join me......yet again.


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