Tuesday, 11 June 2013

TAKE 2 !!!!!!

Well that had to be the biggest Anti-Climax I have ever experienced !!!!

So much excitement and anticipation for Amelia's commercial........and it never happened !

The commentary on Facebook was hilarious.

People ALL OVER Australia watching advertisements for once !!!!

I ended up having no interest in my usual Sunday night programs, instead sitting on the edge of the couch eagerly watching every commercial !
I had to move my laptop to my actual lap so I could respond to everyone !

Anyway today I rang them.
Last week I received an email asking permission to interview me about Amelia's disability.
I rang the number today at the bottom of that email.

It WAS meant to start last Sunday but due to some procedure that had not been completed, it could not run.


I cannot wait to share my Sunday night with you all again !
Put it on your calendar, in your diary or like me a big note on the fridge !

After she mentioned how wonderful the commercial is, I just had to ask.......

"You know the footage with Amelia, (pink top and in her wheelchair,) is she by herself or with her mother ?????".

"Amelia is definitely with her mother, YOU, in her small part on the commercial".



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