Monday, 17 June 2013

High Hopes

I did not sleep last night.
Well not much anyway.

The excitement of the commercial had me on a high.
The messages about children pointing at the TV and yelling "There's Amelia" excitedly was fantastic.
People that are on this journey with us, crying, to see her do so well.
The happiness radiates off her in that one short scene.

But I cannot dispose of the idea of turning this blog into a book.

I sat up until midnight researching HOW you would do it.

The way the blog is in it's current form would not be suitable for book form, so I could not stop thinking about how to tie each entry together.
I was mentally scripting an introduction and an overall message or theme.

As usual, I rang Belinda and annoyed her with my ideas.
(I am sure that she sometimes switches off to me and goes into the automatic "yes Amanda" response!).
She is now helping me turn each blog entry into PDF form.

The thing Is, I have absolutely no idea where to begin.
The ideas of what I want to do are at combustion point in my brain, but I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!!!!!

My thoughts keep returning to the beginning of our journey and how I could never have imagined all of the exciting things that have happened to us then.
I KNOW it is only because Amelia is very ill.
I KNOW it has all come about because of a very negative reason.
But I also believe in "working with what you have".

When something bad happens,
You have 3 choices.
1. You can either let it define you.
2. Let it destroy you......OR YOU
3. Can let it strengthen you.

I want to tell our story to the world and possibly help strengthen others.

How is writing a book going to be any different to everything else that has happened on our journey?

I also have another reason to embark on this new endeavour........

Scott is no longer working.
The reasons cannot be discussed, especially on here.
(Confidentiality and I need to have a chat.....what exactly are their expectations of me ???).
But I want to start bringing in the household income.
I want a House Husband !!!!
I now also want Scott to have the quality time with Amelia and Tom that I have been so lucky to have.
No Regrets at the end....remember?
Well, that includes Scott as well.

I really want you all to get excited with me.
You have joined us in so many exciting (lets put aside all the sad times) adventures so far.
I would LOVE you all to join me in establishing a book called "An Amazing Life".

If anyone has any contacts or knows the process of doing such a thing please let me know.

THEN I will begin researching the guest speaking circuit !!!!!!!!

Reach for the stars people, reach for the stars...
Please get excited with me.


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  1. Hi there Amanda. A mutual friend of ours, Catriona, sent me an email explaining that she has this friend who blogs and she wants to turn her blog into a book and have it published! I am a publisher. I'd love to work with you to get the story you have been recording via your blog out to people who'd benefit from it. Did you know that on Amazon Kindle there are NO personal accounts or memoirs from carers of people with Ataxia Telangiectasia? Being able share someone else's experience of something stressful is inspirational and it helps people to know that they're not alone. I have published a memoir before, of a carer of a patient with dementia. Please email me at My website is Look forward to hearing from you. Fiona