Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I am writing a book !!!!

Happy 7th Birthday to the biggest Melbourne Demons Supporter in the whole of Australia, Mr Tom Nicholds!
Have an awesome day and thank you for coming into our lives and showing us that life can be exciting and fun.

Now here is some other news.....

Out of the mouths of babes.......

Yesterday morning I picked up the 3 gorgeous little girls that I take to school every morning
(they then bring Tom home for me).

"We saw the ad last night on facebook. Mum showed us" the child in grade 3 says.
"Excellent. What did you think?" I said.
"Awesome. Amelia is definitely the best. She was so good" was her response.
Then she looked at me with a frown on her face.
"But you just......sit there. You do nothing but just sit there". she says.
"I know. I was not allowed to talk" I say trying not to laugh"" .
She then starts laughing at me and now shaking her head she says louder "But you just sat there!".


Scott rings from the city yesterday and we have a short conversation.
At the end, I say "I have to go. I am writing a novel".
He laughed.
"What? I am! I'm serious" I say.
"I know. That is why I am laughing" he says and laughs back at me !!!

While out the front, my neighbours asked me how I was.
"Great thanks. I am writing a book!".
They just looked at me.
Poor people did not know what to say or where to look.


Yesterday I had to hurry home from the shops because chapter 1 suddenly appeared in my head.
I typed for 3 hours and ended up with 10 pages.
Approximately 15 people have "read" my rough draft after I requested honest opinions for the line of writing I have chosen.
Below are some of the comments I have got so far.........

Honestly... You are the strongest person I know! To relive each detail must be so excruciating, I can barely see through my tears. Very well written... a couple of spelling mistakes, but the flow and the focus on Amelia is really great.

So far so good, easy to read.

I kept looking down at the pages 'wow 23 pages' page 1-2, page 3-4.. so in other words I didn't have my full focus [too excited]... but then something happened. I was finished... I got that engrossed, it sucked me in. I just wanted more & more. I even made the 'nawww' sound. Was disappointed that it stopped so suddenly. How could I go from page 4 to 23 so fast??
The only thing is I didn't feel it was from you. I loved it & wanted more but if it didn't have your name to it, I wouldn't think it was from the same person that wrote the blogs.
The story was a great read, don't get me wrong, it sucked me in but not the same way as your blogs. I LOVE your blogs. I feel emotion from them, I FEEL them. They make me laugh, cry & make me feel like I have known you, Scott, Amelia & Tom for years.

Have just read your “book” and couldn’t put it down… at times I was close to tears for what you are going thru and wanting to know what the next step was you were doing.
Perhaps elaborate a bit more on things rather than point form.  I know you need to start somewhere but from what I have just read I wouldn’t be able to put it down. It really made me feel was going thru it with you….
Can’t wait to read the next Chapter

So thank you to everyone that has responded so far.
Lots to think about and work on.
Your responses have been invaluable.

Now I need to go.



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