Monday, 1 July 2013

Disability Care Launch

Hello everyone,

Very big day today.
We had to drive our "little star" to Geelong.
That is about 90 minutes drive time for us.
After much complaining, from Tom, all week about attending we left him with my parents.
He is not well but dislikes any long drives since the car accident two years ago.

Go to the link below and read the third blog on the page (the bottom one).
It may explain our sons fear of driving now.

Anyway today Amelia, Scott and I drove to Geelong Town Hall.

When we arrived there were many people in a reasonable sized room.
One hour of speeches (lots of politicians patting themselves on the back) and one lady in control of the whole thing.
This one lady was just like you and I and was just so excited that something she had been advocating for has come to fruition. She kept throwing her hands up and excitedly saying "We did it".

There was no famous people (damn!) or TV cameras at our launch, they were in Newcastle, where Kevin Rudd was.
But some of the others on the commercial were at our launch.
It was an absolute pleasure meeting them and their families.

There was lots of  "free food" and I made sure I tried EVERYTHING !!

Have received some more interest about the book today.
I am up to the tenth chapter.

Speak Soon

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