Monday, 16 December 2013


Today was a productive and all emotion day.

At 7pm last night, Scott happened to come across a small comment on Facebook that talked about Tom's favorite football team, his idols, and how they would be training 20 minutes away at 9:30am this morning.
Oh the excitement!

We prepared him for disappointment.
They may not speak to him.
They may not sign his footy jumper.
They may not sign his autograph book.

I am absolutely thrilled to say they had photos with him, signed everything he asked and even high fived him after each drink stop.

You have absolutely no idea what this meant to someone who has articles, pictures and footy stats all over his bedroom.

I went and saw my beautiful friend Julia today with a delivery of meals from someone that does not know her.
It has been amazing to see how many people I know offer assistance with meals and groceries.
The world can be a beautiful place.

Amelia is still dragging me out to the shops every weekend.
This picture is us getting excited !!!

Yesterday she gave me many ideas for what to get her for Christmas Day.
When she really liked one handbag, I asked if she wanted to buy it with her own money.
Her Response?
"No. I will let Santa get that one".

We saw a little girl from Tom's school.
She came up and said "Hi Amelia".
After she walked away we heard her talking to her mum.
"Mum, I just saw Amelia".
"Amelia who?".
"You know mum. AMELIA".


I started the Christmas shopping today
(yes, have only just begun!).
After buying a few items, I went to a trophy shop.
Amelia has been sad that everyone always gets trophies and because of her disability, she cannot see how she will ever get one.
Santa is now going to give her a big STAR trophy.
It will say.....
Amelia Grace Nicholds
A Kindness to Animals

Finally I arrived home to hear about both kids school day.
Amelia has a disco on Wednesday (mega excited!!!!).
And Tom has been told his teacher and classroom friends for 2014.
Extremely happy after Amelia also had this teacher.
Beautiful person inside and out.

But his report has blown us away.........
Some areas of learning are marked as 12 months ahead for his year level.

Do not know who he got that from !!!!


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