Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Pre - Christmas

Three days of non stop Christmas shopping.
I had not started.....not one present.
I suppose many of you are in the same boat as me....have to buy kids presents from grandparents etc.

So as well as S, us and grandparents, my body is in great PAIN !!!!
All the recent weight gain has meant my knees are hurting as well as my back.

Amelia left for her school today very excited.
It was the day of the school disco.
The dress and the hair had to be PERFECT.

It is very difficult to let a young girl become a woman while still keeping her pride and dignity.
When you have to get her dressed, wipe her on the toilet and shower her private parts.
When you have to take her to buy what she has seen/wants (because lets face it. There is not much available for her to "do") it is very taxing when it is weekly.
When you are having a conversation, and she has the same intellect as her peers, but she finds it so frustrating that people interrupt, you cannot understand her speech or she "forgets" what she is can be heartbreaking.

But today we made it special.
We were excited with her.
Amelia is very assertive these days and has Scott and I running around doing errands for her!
So the flower garland for her hair was something I needed to go and purchase amongst the Christmas shopping.

Amelia is very difficult to buy presents for because she cannot use her hands.
You have to think of the other "senses".
Smell, sight, sound, taste and most importantly....laughter are paramount.
This year I have tried my best, but may focus on "outings" over the summer as well.

Having no money is hard.
Really, really hard.
But love and happiness will always win in the long run.

I got a job for 2014 this week.
It is only 25 hours a week, which will be near impossible to live on, but I have to accept what I have been given.
I will hopefully pick up other work relief teaching.
I am excited that someone "wants me".
I have been handed one 4 year old Kinder group to nurture, grow and develop to their full potential.
I am excited and oh so nervous.

Today I would like to finish with some funny conversations in this crazy house of ours.......

While showing Amelia suggested dresses for her school disco...
Amelia : Not that one. I will save it for New Years Eve.
(Please note : we have NO plans for NYE !).
Me : Oh really. What are you doing New Years Eve?
Amelia : I am having a party.
Me : Oh really. Where ?
Amelia : Here.
Me : Oh are you now? Who is coming?
Amelia then proceeded to name every single person we know.
( I then walked away having heart palpitations!).

Tom was showing me the autographs from his very loved Melbourne Football Club.
Tom: Every player put their number next to their signature.
Me: Oh ok. Why was that?
Tom : So I can understand who it is.
(Tom knows every player and their number).
As we get to the NEW coach......a very public media personality..... it says COACH under the signature.
I laughed and said "He wrote coach".
Tom : Yes I told him to.
Massive media personality and a 7 year old asked him to specify his role with the team.

Tom's new teacher came up to him.
Teacher : Hi Tom. I am your teacher next year.
Tom : Oh good. Mum and dad said you might be. Actually they were HOPING you would be.
(Note: In good with teacher already!).

Scott : Amanda? I am getting a tattoo on Saturday.
Amanda : Silence.

Enjoy preparing for Christmas everyone.


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