Monday, 30 December 2013

Two Children - Two Cures Part 3

(Please read Part 1 and 2 before proceeding)

As Tom finished the 3am finger prick to record his blood sugar levels, he placed his head back on the pillow.
He sat back up and looked at the full Santa sack at the end of his hospital bed.
He looked at me in the darkness and back at the sack.
"OMG. I think Santa has come to visit you at the hospital" I said.
His excitement was contagious.
This was a marvelous opportunity to do something so incredibly positive despite the current situation.
Tom jumped out of bed.
"Can I have a look?" he asked excitedly.
"Of course" I said.

Tom unpacked the Santa bag all over the hospital bed.
"I will open 3. I will open 3 now and I will wait for Amelia to come and open the rest" he said.
He carefully held each individual present and decided which one was the most important to open.

One item was an AFL football.
Perfect for Tom.

Next to his bed was a present that I did not know about.
I asked the nurse about it.
"Every year we have a lady ring at 3pm on Christmas Eve. She asks what children look like they will be staying in hospital overnight. She then goes to the shops and buys them presents. At midnight she leaves a pile of presents at the front door of the children's ward. They are specific to the age and gender of the child".

I crumbled.
How incredibly kind.

At 3am on this Christmas Eve / morning, Tom opened a present to find a watch and his very first "children's novel".
He was so excited and happy.
Because this was a present I did not know about, and one that was so amazingly kind and sincere, I cried.

Tom climbed into my tiny parent bed and we cuddled until morning.

We were woken by a very happy and fun nurse on Christmas Day.
She was genuinely great.
She presented Tom with a gift from the "Woolworths Frankston Wishing Tree".
It was a WaHu football to use in water.
"I want to play" Tom yelled.
So after what would become the daily morning insulin needle, he played.
Clare took our son out into the hospital ward hallway and began eagerly playing football with him.
Tom was squealing and laughing, while Clare kept yelling "It's Christmas, Stuff it".

To watch this event is indescrible.

It is Christmas morning.
I am in a hospital with my "healthy" child.
I cannot see my other child waking up.
My husband is all alone with our pets as companions.

I am witnessing the most miraculous event with one of my family members....
The only one that is with me.

The tears were happy.
The two other families watched laughing.

Tom was so happy.
That was all I cared about.
Nana and Poppy, please make sure Amelia's Christmas is as special as this.

As a light on the ceiling was hit by the football the staff laughed.
There were three staff member playing by this stage.
They were all having to work, we were stuck in there.....
we were all in the same boat.
(later discussion revealed their young children who they had to leave to come to "work").

Their efforts did not go unnoticed.
Witnessing Tom having so much fun was very helpful to my current state of mind.

I am proud of Amelia and Tom.
They waited until 10am to open Santa's presents.
They "chose" to open their presents one at a time.
This was their choice.
They wanted to open them together.

It was the most amazing experience (on no sleep!).
The sharing, co-operation and sibling connection was something to remember FOREVER.

Tom can be such a difficult child......
But with Amelia he is AMAZING.

Afterwards, as I quietly moved away, to go home and shower....
as I prepared for many night sleeping over...
Amelia began her complaining.

"I am hungry".
"I am bored".

She was not coping with being back in Hospital (even as a visitor).
She could not be here.

(To be continued)................

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