Sunday, 16 February 2014


Hello Everyone.

School is back.
Work is back.

Routines are being established.

Scott began the year by typing a magnificent "document" explaining diabetes to Tom's new teacher.
It included when to test his blood glucose and what to watch out for.

So proud of him.

He also began the year with checklists, getting up early and keeping the kids calm with their first day jitters.
When we all arrive home the house is tidy and organised.
Love it.

Tom has adjusted back into school easily.
His blood glucose levels are all over the place, but we expected that.
The excitement, level of exercise and stress can all affect levels.
No doubt his insulin doses will need to change in the coming weeks.

Tom has also come home, proud of his new "social skills".
He is excited that he is maturing and recognising where he needs to change.
Tom is excited by the new friendships he has started developing.

Amelia has adapted to "change" fairly well.
So many of her friends graduated to secondary last year, so this year Amelia and Jackson need to find new friends.
Finding new friends at a "special school" is slightly different than mainstream.
You need to learn communication methods and personality types.
There are children that have "triggers" for angry, upset or scared behaviour.
There are children that "think" age appropriate but cannot communicate like everyone else.
There is that "connection" you need to make to establish and enjoy a new friendship.
Amelia recognises all of these issues and is hoping for it to happen sooner, rather than later.

I have started a permanent part time position and really think this place chose me, rather than I chose it. My head is now above water.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 2014.


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