Wednesday, 19 February 2014


A funny thing happened today.

I stayed home (on what is not a work day anyway) to try and recover from a delightful chest infection.

Juvenile diabetes rang to ask how our family is coping with Tom's type 1 diabetes.
As I explained that we are fine she commented on it being a "major shock and one we must be struggling with".
The realisation then hit.
I could not help but laugh at the lady on the other end. (Quite rude I know).
I then proceeded to explain that Diabetes is really nothing in the grand scheme of things in our lives.
The main negative was that it happened on Christmas Eve.
I explained Amelia's disease BUT then I explained Tom.
When Tom is not feeling 100% he insists on doing a finger prick and blood glucose reading.
He will then tell us what he needs to have to eat depending on the reading.
Long lasting carbs or fast acting sugar.
He knows which products give him the substance he needs.

Tom is 7 years old.

His behaviour and social skills are improving greatly and ....well.... I am very proud to say he is my son.

In this phone call today, I said we were fine and that dealing with a rare disease that IS terminal is what we compare it with.

So glad that I am over the meltdown and depression after Tom's initial diagnosis.

HE (not god, Tom) has shown us it is no big deal.

HE (once again NOT god) was given to us for a reason.

The is kid is going to be famous one day, even if it is just amongst family and friends.


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