Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Brain Overload

Ok. It is official.
I have brain overload.

At the moment I visualise myself walking down the street with words and sentences FALLING OUT of my ears !!!!! lol.

But seriously, I am having so much trouble remembering anything and everything.

If you want me to do something or be somewhere. Write it down.
There are so many things I have been told in the last 2 months that I know I have forgotten.

People are starting to ask me about "whether I did that - thing".
I cannot make up an excuse. That is not me.
So..... I am just saying "I am sorry I forgot / haven't had time".
Both are true.
So if I am meant to be somewhere, do something, make something, ask something, write something or ring something.......WRITE IT DOWN.
At least until I get used to everything......


P.S Had a tour of a special school today...........
P.P.S Trying to work out what is going on with Amelia's thinking ..........
All Another time xxx

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