Friday, 22 July 2011

Now for the positives......

Before I go away to try and find my sanity, I have pulled myself out of my self - absorbed moment long enough to document the positives of this week.

1. Our final "formal" Amelia's Project meeting for 2011.
Reflecting on all the good that has happened this year.
These are too numerous to mention but my MAIN one would be realising the good in people and how many friends we are so lucky to have.

2. Next week I pick up my brand new X-Trail.
We have chosen a new colour and I thank Scott for working so hard to make it all happen so quickly.

3. Peter Bromley has booked for our second "Amelia's Night".
Saturday 4th August 2012.

4. Met some amazing people at The Langwarrin Business Network AGM.
Can definately see a relationship between the LBN and Amelia's Project in the future.

Now I know there is more BUT I must go to continue fighting to get Travel Insurance for Amelia.
2 Rejections so far (from 1 company).
Now speaking to others.

NO Travel Insurance = NO Disneyland.......


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  1. Oh what a nightmare, I hope you can get that sorted, I never thought of that aspect of it....