Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rock Bottom

This weekend I went away.
I went away by myself because I knew I needed to sort through some emotions that were bottled up.

I slept, watched DVD's and cried.
Well sobbed actually.

Having a child with a degenerative illness is gut wrenching.
Watching it happen everyday.......well, you cannot possibly describe that.

This weekend was in response to coming off  "auto pilot".
Amelia's Project has kept my mind busy, busy, busy.
Then it stopped for 2011, because it had to.
Then the car accident has had horrible effects on Tom, Amelia and I.
Planning the "dream" trip to Disneyland could not possibly run into any more problems.

Saturday night I hit rock bottom.

You do not need to know the details but I was not good.

Today I woke up and felt numb, but at the same time, cleansed of all the emotions that have been choking me the last couple of weeks.

I have come home ready to continue our battle.
The journey that is A-T.

On Tuesday we will finally pay the deposit on our trip to Disneyland.

Tomorrow I will selfishly keep Amelia home from school and cuddle her and Tom all day.


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