Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Roll with the punches......

There is something to be said about the heading above.
When you are living it anyway.

Recently I have been really struggling to stay afloat.
Amelia's A-T diagnosis,  Tom's stitches, the car crash and now Scott in hospital.

It gets to a certain point where you just get up and do what you have to do for the day.

Today, for example, Amelia had 3 appointments, Scott needed me to bring items up to the hospital, Tom needed picking up and the children needed to see their father.

Do you know how nice it was to get home at 5pm to my neighbour across the road walking over with a fully cooked lasagna ??!!
I had just bought a crappy quiche from the bakery to stick in the oven for the kids and I.
After she left, I could have cried with relief.

Thank you for all the beautiful messages of love and support.

I am fine.
Please do not be worried about me.

We will get through this (and the next thing and the one after that etc etc etc !).


On a happier note.......
I finally purchased all the tickets to the Brashat Gala Night that I needed to.
We have 4 tables attending.
Now to find myself an outfit......

We leave for the most magical place on earth in 8 WEEKS !!!

AND ....... We are going to see Breaking Dawn at the Midnight release !!!!!
All 20 tickets ....... SOLD !!!!

Alright tomorrow I will spend the day smiling, even if I have to fake


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