Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Calm after the Storm.

Yesterday I wrote a very emotional and honest blog.
At the time I was at the lowest point I have been for a long time.
Today is a new day and a new perspective................

Yesterday morning I let the flood gates open.

I have been feeling the tears waiting since before we went to Queensland but have been unable to get them to flow.

Yesterday they came in a tidal wave.

If anyone had of come to my house they would have admitted me to hospital.
For 60 minutes I cried and cried and cried.

At the time I did not know how to stop.
But I did.

Today I feel cleansed.
I feel like all of the emotion has gone.

I realise the adjustment of a new year, (a very different year), Amelia being sad AND grumpy and Little Tom being forced to take on so much responsibility has taken it's toll on me.
The weight of what is going to occur at the AT clinic next month in Brisbane, travelling to Mildura next week and assisting with the Brashat Gala this year has all caught up.

My stress levels exploded.

Thank you to all my beautiful friends, far and wide, that helped me get through it.

Amelia said last night ......
"I want to leave my mainstream school BUT I do not want to leave my friends".
She is now happily sitting with that thought.

Tom HAS BEEN my guiding light through the last two weeks.
His enthusiasm, maturity and common sense makes me laugh, admire and adore his overall personality.

From the moment Tom leaves his classroom he begins telling me about his day.
He is so animated, full of facial expressions and actions, that it can only make you laugh.

So now that the negativity has left my body (I think!) I am going to begin focusing on the positives again.

My beautiful family needs me happy and calm.
That is my aim for this week.


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