Monday, 13 February 2012

Today she is NOT mine !!!

Before I begin my story about today's cringe-worthy moment, I would like to acknowledge something that I forgot in yesterdays blog........

Amelia will also be presented with an Energy Monitor badge at assembly.
After our excitement about Tom, Amelia announced she has also been chosen for her class.
I confirmed this with a reliable source.

Amelia is never given a role or responsibility such as this.
Her self esteem and overall happiness have definately received a boost with this decision.
And sometimes we all need to be "in charge" of something to feel like we belong.

NOW TODAY.........

Amelia and I received a very distinguished Invitation to have morning tea with the "Myer" family.
Yes, that is the same Myer family that developed the well known department store.
It was Mr Sydney Bails Myer and Mrs Sarah Myer.

The charity that had supplied Amelia's laptop computer had previously received the funding from this family.

Beyond Disability, the before mentioned charity, offers assistance to people of any age.
They specialize in technology and equipment to enhance communication.

They have one specific program to assist children still at school, "Wheelie Kids".

Amelia ONLY uses her computer now at school.
We no longer encourage her to write because it is just too difficult.
I would prefer that she began learning about other forms of communication.
So.......all school work is now done on a computer.

The Myer family have kindly supplied this opportunity.

The Property in Red Hill was devine.

They also have a property in Melbourne CBD.

Mr Myer came over to me, pulled up a chair and began a conversation.
Amelia up to this point had been complaining that she was "bored".
When attempts were made to include Amelia IN the conversation she ignored the speaker.
THEN while sitting in a chair, pulled her walker over, PUT her feet up on it, THREW her head back and virtually sighed.
I could vitually see her rolling her eyes.

At this point I was cringing.
Here was a very wealthy 80+ year old man attempting to speak to Amelia and she was being incredibly rude.

The behaviour continued with anyone who tried to speak to her.

The only time she was "herself" was when we were taken out to see the stunning horses and 5 foals.

Whenever I tried to address this behaviour with her, (whispering), she ignored me !!

These people do not "know" Amelia.
They probably believe this is normal behaviour and linked to her disability.

But I DO know.

The Amelia that charms, inspires and impresses everybody was not with me today.

Some other child was.

When we were leaving I asked her why she had behaved so rudely in front of those people.

Her answer made me realise how alert she can be.

"You said that I am not allowed to talk to strangers" she said smuggly.

At least she has still got spark.......................................

Mr and Mrs Myer with Miss Attitude.

One of the beautiful foals (please ignore Amelia's "Madonna" gloves that she insisted on wearing!).

And feeding a foal.


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