Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Fairy tale is over

Last year was like a fairy tale in an odd kind of way.

Newspaper Interviews.
Friendship and support beyond our wildest dreams.

The positive attitude and "amazing life" goal came naturally, because of the love and attention put on our daughter.

It made you believe everything was going to be fine.
If something like Amelia's Project could achieve so much, then HOPE was not such a difficult feeling.

We can do this.
We will sail through this with a smile on our faces.
Our Amelia would have the best life EVER.

She may even be cured in the future.
And she still may but this week showed us the very sad side of our future.

Today our beautiful OT came to our house (yes on a Sunday).
She wanted to talk to both Scott and I.
We spoke about what Amelia needs now and in the very near future.

Very overwhelming.

My gorgeous neighbours took the kids when I realised they could not hear what we were discussing.
(Thank you Mardi and Jason).

Here are some of the things discussed.

Hand rails front and back doors (approx $1000)
Hand rails on the toilet (approx $100)
Hoist or bath seat to get Amelia in the bath (approx $3000)
Ramps at front and back doors (approx $3000)
Replace 4 windows with safety glass (approx $1300)
Electric wheelchair (anywhere up to $30,000)
New car (sell mine)
Car conversion (anywhere up to $40,000)
Door frame widening (?)
Rearrange furniture in house for mobilty
Possibly turning our outside pergola area into a room, thus turning our long narrow house into a more open plan and easily accessible home for Amelia (approx $100,000)

This is all I can remember.

This is our future.

Everything is not going to be fine anymore........


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